BRICS Eventbrite 2019.header


“Building Legal Capacity for New Rule Based World Economic Order”

Venue: Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort

Address: Avenida Niemeyer, 121, Rio de Janeiro

Conference rooms: Gavea A and Gavea B




October 14:


2.00pm – Steering Committee meeting to discuss first draft of declaration (private)


4.00pm – Opening Ceremony

First Panel:

– Felipe Santa Cruz (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Prashant Kumar (Bar Association of India)

– Alexey Klishin (Association of Lawyers of Russia)

– Zhang Mingqi (China Law Society)

– Mvuzo Notyesi (Law Society of South Africa)

– Ana Tereza Basilio (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Chair: Marcus Vinicius Furtado Coelho


Second Panel:

– Horacio Bernardes Neto (International Bar Association)

– Alexandre Barreto (Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE)

– Sergio Bermudes (Sergio Bermudes Advogados)

– Wellington Dias (Governor of the State of Piaui)

– Antonio Florencio de Queiroz Junior (Fecomercio-RJ)

– Clea Carpi (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Bruno Barata (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Chair: Claudio Lamachia (Brazilian Bar Association)


7.00pm – Cocktail reception


October 15:


10.00am – Plenary: Establishment of BRICS-led Network for the Dispute Resolution Requirements of the Emerging World


– Nadia Araujo (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Samantha Mendes Longo (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Roman Gherakov (Association of Lawyers of Russia)

– Tatiana Shibanova (Association of Lawyers of Russia)

– Lindi Nkosi-Thomas SC (China-Africa Joint Arbitration Centre)

– India TBD

– Yao Hongmin (Shanghai International Arbitration Center)

– Moderator – Carlos Roberto de Siqueira Castro (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Chair – Pedro Freitas (Brazilian Bar Association)


10.00am – Disputes on Sports Law

– Ricardo Miguel (Judge)

– Ksenia Mashkova (Kutafin Moscow State Law University)

– India TBD

Du Tao (School of International Law of East China University of Political Science and Law)

– Moderator – Tarcisio Teixeira

– Chair – Plinio Lemos Jorge (Uninove)


1.00pm – Lunch


2.30pm – Technology and the Future of the Legal Profession

– Bruno Barata (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Mzukisi Njotini (University of Johannesburg)

– India TBD

– Cheng Le (Zhejiang University)

– Moderator – Alexey Klishin (Association of Lawyers of Russia)

– Chair – Daniel Marques (AB2L)


2.30pm – Resolving Tax: Disputes in International Commercial Contracts

– Eduardo Maneira (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Jan Van Rensburg (Law Society of South Africa)

– India TBD

– Xu Duoqi (Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

– Chen Yundong (Yunnan University)

– Danil Vinnitsky (BRICS Law Institute)

– Moderator – Lucas Lemos Navarro (Advogado)

– Chair – TBD


6.00pm – Declaration meeting


October 16:


10.00am – Panel: New Developments in Corporate Laws in BRICS

– Ana Tereza Basilio (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Zhou Changfa (Yunnan University)

– Vladimir Komarov (GRATA International)

– India TBD

– Ghandi Badela (Johannesburg Association of Advocates)

– Moderator – Walfrido Jorge Warde Junior (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Chair – Marcelo Fontes (Brazilian Bar Association)


10.00am – Panel: Intellectual Property Rights Law Developments in BRICS

– Felipe Dannemann Lundgren (Brazilian Bar Association)

– Dai Lin (Yunnan University)

– Russia TBD

– India TBD

– Mabaeng Denise Lenyai (Law Society of South Africa)

– Moderator – TBD

– Chair – Thomas Law (Brazilian National Congress)


12.30pm – Closing Ceremony


1.30pm – Lunch


3.00pmPrivate meetings of the working groups


5.00pm – BRICS Dispute Resolution Center Network Open Meeting